Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush tanning is an alternative to sun tanning and bed tanning. Essentially, airbrush tanning is done at a salon using a compressor and an airbrush. The big difference between airbrushing and other types of tanning is that with airbrush tanning, the color that is achieved is through a healthy solution, unlike other types of tanning that expose your skin to harmful UVA rays. The risks of the other kinds of tanning include skin diseases, premature aging, and even skin cancer.

Many people like to go tanning all year round and keep the color that a tan provides for them in a long-term time frame. Others prefer to tan for a special occasion or event, and return to their natural color shortly after. If this is the case, then you’ve found your match! Airbrush tanning does just that-the color that this type of tan gives you will progressively darken within a twelve-hour frame. After this time, the color will remain the same. Whatever bronzer that is applied during the process will most likely be washed out with a quick shower. Although the color isn’t permanent, it’s not too short of a period. You’ll find that the color will begin to fade a bit quicker than bed or sun tanning, but not increasingly so.

The process of airbrush tanning is pretty basic-a professional tanner will spritz your body using a spray applicator. Using circular motions, he or she will spray your body with the tanning solution. What you choose to wear during this process will affect the outcome-if you choose to go nude, you will have no tan lines, but if you would prefer to be covered up a little more, the tan lines you receive will be similar to those obtained through sun tanning. The whole application will take up to twenty minutes, and drying will take about ten.

People find spray tanning to be the most efficient way to acquire a nice tan, as well as the safest. The main ingredient used in the tanning spray is dihydroxyacetone. This ingredient does not damage the skin, and is approved by the FDA. Dihydroxyacetone only covers the top layer of your skin, making your skin cells appear darker.

Frequent tanners agree that streaks and blotches of untanned skin is probably the worst thing about a bad tan. It makes your body appear to be artificial and overdone. This is why the majority of tanners lean towards airbrush tanning-it ensures that there will be no streaks. You can target the spots that you think are different shades than the rest of your skin, and you can even apply a second coat if you feel that the first was insufficient.

Sun tanning is great for that natural summer glow, but overexposure of UVA rays can be harmful. Due to the risks of exposing yourself too much to the sun, doctors recommend airbrush tanning. You are in no way exposed to UVA rays, and the color will come the same, if not better!

Airbrush tanning is definitely the preferred alternative to tanning when it comes to health, safety, and a nice afterglow!